Zehr Goat Ranch
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Human & Animal


A Sanctuary FOR Animals & People

Our Mission

Zehr Goat Ranchโ€™s mission is to provide a loving and supportive home for retired farm animals, provide healing experiences for veterans, and outdoor experiences for the public with a focus on best sustainability practices for the community of Eagle County, Colorado. Find out more

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Our Vision

At Zehr Goat Ranch, we envision a world where humans and animals help care for each other. A place where we can come together to tend to the invisible wounds inside that linger from trauma and take years to heal.

+ Develop programs for 3,500+ local veterans
+ Develop infrastructure for programs to reach beyond Eagle
+ Further our ability to take in more animals in need

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Come stay & Explore

The Ranch

Every day is an adventure at ZGR. We are fixing up the ranch to help more animals in the future. Our goal is to have everything you'd want at your own private campground in the mountains. Our โ€œDirector of Camp Vibesโ€ Billy Zehr will help you get the absolute most of your time here. You can volunteer to help or just bring your family and friends to hang out with the animals.


Maintenance & Operations

  • Covered Trailer & Shelter

  • Safe Secure Fencing

  • Heat & Electricity in Barn

  • Veterinarian Fees

  • Feed & Hay, Transport

  • Daily Operational Costs

  • Yurts for Group Stays

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turn yourself inside out

Outdoor Experiences

Weโ€™re a small non-profit shephearding pygmy goats, some rabbits, cats and a few loyal dogs. We offer a mobile petting zoo, which the kids LOVE, and we would like to develop the ZGR to offer more on-site adventures and more experiential programs for veterans and anyone on a healing journey.



We have a multitude of farming and ranch life experiences you can immerse yourself in. Our animals need lots of love and attention.

In The Wild

Local Hot Springs, Golf Course, Mountain Day Hike, Ranch Petting Zoo, Target Shooting, Dirt Bike & Snowmobile, Mountain Biking

IN the Town of Eagle

Restaurants, Grocery Store (w/Starbucks), Shopping & Supplies, Outdoor & Hiking Gear, WiFi Access via Cafes and cellular service returns to normal at lower altitudes.

THings TO Consider

We use walkies (provided) to communicate with each other at these higher altitudes. Please be prepared for the change at these heights. It's good to take things slow.

Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River
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